Puerto Jimenez South Pacific, Costa Rica

Today’s beautiful town of Puerto Jimenez was a remote town in the early 60’s, now it has become one of the best towns on the OSA Peninsula’s southeastern coast, neighboring to the rich waters of the Golfo Dulce. The Puerto Jimenez is eleven miles north of Cabo Matapalo. The tourist, animal lovers, and eco-tourists and others are drawn to the cheerfully painted buildings, inspiring wildlife, and perfect beaches of this serene coastal town of Costa Rica. The area’s mangrove marsh’s and moist rainforests are home to countless fauna, including scarlet macaws, white-faced monkeys, ocelots.

This gold mining and logging town transformed this remote village into a flourishing port. However, it has managed to maintain its wonderful, small-town atmosphere. Whereas tourism has fascinated several foreign residents to this little corner of the world, while maintaining unique local flavor of Costa Rica.

Puerto Jimenez is one of the main gate way and an hour and a half drive from Corcovado National Park, The last beach town before one can enter the park premises; a main park ranger station is placed here with several tourists using this town to increase on supplies before they hike through the beautiful and varied wildlife that the Corcovado National Park, Jewel of Costa Rica. has to present. It is one of the most biologically diverse regions on earth. An information center in town gives details on trails and wildlife for the visitors planning a hike or a camping trip. Take the help of a naturalist guide is highly recommended to assist in spotting animals while trekking through the park’s verdant trails.

Puerto Jimenez is a tiny frontier town that has a several hotel and resorts, both luxurious and affordable. There are several tour and travel agencies in the area that arrange tours around the region. Transportation can also be arranged from Puerto Jimenez, if you are found of Surf you can move to the lovely village of Cabo Matapalo, which is famed for its amazing surf breaks in the region.


Puerto Jimenez is a beautiful small frontier town that has a several hotel and resorts, both luxurious and affordable, with many rental tour companies and travel agencies in the area from where trips around the region can be arranged. Transportation can also be organized from Puerto Jimenez.

Iguana Lodge

Iguana Lodge is an up-class family beach destination. It is located only a ten minutes walk outside of Puerto Jimenez. It is lodged with all-inclusive. The Villa Kula vacation rental is available with kitchen (three night minimum), and the hotel-style Club Rooms upstairs from the famous Monochingo Bar and Grille, there is something for all budgets and all tastes. Richly beautiful bungalows and vacation rentals are constructed at the forest’s boundary with the beach. The coastline is sandy beach for kilometers with excellent surf for body-surfing. It is very close to Puerto Jimenez; Iguana Lodge is a piece of paradise. Delicious cuisines are available at standard cost at Iguana Lodge, which offers a complete assortment of regional tours and activities.

Arenas de Osa

Arenas de Osa Lodge is a reasonably priced eco-friendly beach hotel placed on Costa Rica’s Southern Pacific Coast in the Golfo Dulce in the Osa Peninsula..

Arenas de Osa Lodge is located in the town of Puerto Jimenez directly on the way to Corcovado National Park. It is the only first-class beach hotel located in the town of Puerto Jimenez. Every room is modern and beautiful, with air-conditioning, and free internet access. A continental breakfast is also included at Arenas de Osa Restaurant.

Arenas de Osa, in Puerto Jimenez, is very close to beautiful beaches, and a few minutes walk from the small fishing town of Puerto Jimenez which was originally a gold mining town and has recently become the stepping off point for Costa Rica Eco-Tours in and around Corcovado National Park, as well as a gathering place for world-class sports fishing.

The visitors will find comfortable rooms. English and Spanish languages are spoken and they arrange tours and airport pickup for the convenience of their guests..

Cabinas Jimenez – Puerto Jimenez

Cabinas Jimenez is very comfortable cabinas that are located right on the waters of the Golfo Dulce. That offers incredible views from the rancho and decks will give guests an opportunity to enjoy the varying tides and vista at any time of day. The hotel has privileged to get guests from all over the world and here they enjoy at the little slice of paradise.

Cabinas Jimenez is the only Cabinas in Puerto Jimenez that are located directly on the Golfo Dulce. It is on a short five minutes walk from downtown Puerto Jimenez on a quiet dead-end street. You can swim or sunbathe on beach or just relax and enjoy the shade under the palm trees from one of our many hammocks.

Cabinas Jimenez is fortunate to be at the front door of the world famous Corcovado National Park that has been declared as one of the “most biologically intense places on the Planet” by the National Geographic Society. Corcovado National Park is the jewel of Costa Rica’s park arrangement.

Activities / Things to do in and around Puerto Jimenez

There are several activities in Puerto Jimenez. People use this place as a home base to explore the natural wonders of Costa Rica. Many adrenaline-fueled activities are available here, including zip line adventures, ecolodges, sport fishing excursions, dolphin watching, snorkeling and gold panning.

The nearby place is the Golfo Dulce, a great place for dolphin and whale watching, nice kayaking adventures and wildlife observation in the mangrove area. There are also the Herrera Gardens, which is a best place for nature walks. Near Jimenez you also have Corcovado National Park and the Golfo Dulce Forest Reserve. Almost all the people come to Jimenez to get the experience of these two places. Neighboring Dos Brazos, which experienced a gold rush during the 1970s, is also of interest to some visitors. A few people still try to make a living off of small-scale mining operations here, and tourists are invited to try their own hand at panning.

The travelers can kayak in the estuaries of nearby Platanares River, an excellent place for bird and wildlife watching, or enjoy the ocean’s phosphorescent beauty after sunset. Puerto Jimenez is also the access to the pure and untouched beaches of Cabo Matapalo, a famous surfing destination, about 11 miles to the south. This entire region is now a protected territory. In and around the Puerto Jimenez, there is a lot to see and execute several activities. There are several tour are available to explore the area, such as Sport fishing, hiking, mountain biking, rappelling, and kayaking. The Osa Peninsula is home to the world famous Corcovado National Park which has been described as one of the most biologically intense places in the world by the National Geographic Society.

How to get to Puerto Jimenez

By Air: several major airlines arrive through the San Jose. Once you have reached in San Jose, Costa Rica,

choose one of 2 regional airlines to reach Puerto Jimenez.

By Car: Driving from San Jose to Puerto Jimenez is roughly an 8 hour drive. It is recommended to leave early in the morning to avoid traveling at night as the roads can sometimes be deceitful. The roads are in good shapes but stretches sometime can be full of pothole and with narrow bridges and lack of any signs for direction. A 4-wheel drive car is recommended and it will make your trip enjoyable.

By Shuttle: Shuttle service is a shared transportation choice in an air-conditioned minibus between popular destinations. Shuttle routes operate daily, and in some cases there are multiple departure times throughout the day. However, shuttles are not a public bus. They are subject to availability and must make a reservation in it.

By Bus: From San Jose you can catch the daily bus service that departs from Transportes Blanco. The bus will take about 10 hours to reach Puerto Jimenez.

By Boat: You can also reach the Osa Peninsula via a boat from Golfito. There is a launch leaving from the public dock every day around 11:30. You can also choose from many private boat operators who will ferry you across the Golfo Dulce and take you to Puerto Jimenez.

You can get to Puerto Jimenez either by bus or car. However, it can be as long as a 10-hour drive so, it is better to fly in to the domestic airport out here from San Jose International Airport. Flights also come in to the airport here from Pavas as well.


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