Playa Bejuco Central Pacific, Costa Rica

Playa Bejuco is one of the few nearly untouched beaches on central Pacific, Costa Rica. This is a relaxing, pristine coastal town which offers visitors a remote open coastline. Playa Bejuco Costa Rica Is located to the north of San Miguel and south of Islita. At this point you can stroll for miles and miles on stunning beaches. It is located 17 kilometers southeast of Playa Carillo. This is 3.5 km long beach extends from the Bustamante Rock to the Bejuco Point. This beach has moderate to strong waves and not suitable for the swimmer beginners but the beach breaks are catching the attention of surfers. There very consistence waves make this place a true surf’s paradise. It is one of the few surfing hotspots that have managed to stay mainly unnoticed in Costa Rica. Blue Flag award winner, Playa Bejuco is a beautifully clean beach in Costa Rica, lined with tropical greenery and showing some of the most powerful waves in the country. The brown sand beach is very long and it is covered with palms. The community of Playa Bejuco is very small with no commercial businesses. The beach at Bejuco is a local fishing spot where many local people make their living. There are very few restaurants to get enjoyment of Costa Rican meals. Many people have small boats offer fishing trips. If you want to switch from surfing, other tours are available including boat excursions and horseback rides along the beach.

Costa Rica is famous for its natural beauty and friendly people. The country’s natural beauty, wildlife, and status for progressive protection of the nature attract tourists from through out the world. Costa Rica has several of the best surfing of the world, beaches in abundance, and a tropical environment that give for a thrilling holiday.

The Central Pacific has spectacular sunsets over its rock-strewn coastline, massive marlin and snapper that draw attention of fishermen from all over the world, rocky rain forests that spread out from malleable sandy beaches and waves that make break for both beginners and professional both. The central region offers plentiful outdoor and indoor activities for travelers of all ages to experience the beauty of the region.

The travelers from throughout the Costa Rica and from around the world visit the central Pacific region for their holidays with their families, honeymooners and all are satisfied with highly developed tourist infrastructure. Jaco is the most developed place, though it still retains the small town atmosphere. The peace-seekers have to visit Playa Hermosa or Playa Esterillos for unspoiled scenery and long untouched beaches.

The Central Pacific’s weather can be divided into two: a dry season which starts from end December to mid-April is the most enjoyable weather with temperatures averaged around 81 degrees and the beaches rushed off your feet in sunshine 11-12 hours a day. In fact March and April are the hottest months of the year. You will find mostly sunny mornings and early afternoon or evening showers.

Bejuco can be an amazing experience for a secluded vacation getaway or a wonderful day tour if staying in neighboring areas.

Playa Bejuco does not have any mainstream hotels right on the beach, however if you search you can find some privately owned beach houses for rent. There are many towns neighboring Bejuco such as San Miguel, Coyote, and Costa de Oro, in these towns you can find more accommodations and restaurants, ecolodges and night entertainment including casino.


A few accommodations nearby are Hotel Islita, Casita Azul Plata, and Cabinas Don Elias.

Hotel Punta Islita

Hotel Punta Islita is a little further north than the others and is a high end hotel. At the hotel they offer several amenities including spa treatment, group activities, a restaurant and much more.

The Casitas Azul Plata

The Casitas Azul Plata is one of the closest accommodations to Playa Bejuco. Here you will find 2 apartments for rent each with two rooms and a bathroom. In every apartment the rooms are equipped with a queen size bed and a room with two single beds. Also every apartment features A/C, full kitchen, oven, and satellite TV. There is also barbeque area, a pool and an attractive view of the Pacific.


The Cabinas Don Elias

The Cabinas Don Elias is closer than Hotel Punta Islita but still a drive from Playa Bejuco. Here there are three choices of prices which depend on the number of people staying. A house which can sleep 14 persons rent for $750 a week and cabinas 2, 3, and 4 sleep between 6 and 8 people and are $480 a week. They offer a pool, satellite TV and hot water.

Hotel Playa Bejuco

The Hotel Playa Bejuco is located 20 minutes from Jaco Center and 35 minutes from Quepos Antonio. It is an ideal place to relax in a memorable and tranquil atmosphere; surrounded by beautiful gardens. In addition to this, it is located on the cleanest beaches (the Blue Flag was granted) Rooms equipped with TV by refrigerators cable and all the comforts that you and your family can have. It has a swimming pool also.

Delfin Beach Front Resort

The Delfin Beach Front Resort Is located on the tranquil and secluded Bejuco Beach. This is a recently restored Costa Rican landmark, featuring luxury accommodations with beachfront rooms, less than 40 meters from the Pacific Ocean. It is situated between Jaco and Quepos/Manuel Antonio on the Central Pacific Coast of Costa Rica.

Activities & Tours in and around Playa Bejuco

It is the one of the best surf place of the area. The visitors can find and experience the larger swells. You can take a day tour to the nearby places, have horseback ride along the beach, fish sports, Diving, bird watching and go to nearby National Parks.

You can take a walk on Costa Rica’s nature trail and beach and you can the sight of whiteface monkeys, scarlet macaws, crocodiles, Lora sea turtles or whales playing in the Pacific.

Catamaran Adventure in Tortuga Island

Have fresh air during the tour to one of the most beautiful islands in Costa Rica. This is one of the few beaches that provide white sand beaches and emerald waters; that make this island a unique destination. Tortuga Island is a thrilling location where you can play volleyball, snorkel, go for a hike or take rest on the beach.

Canopy Tour

The canopy tour is the most popular adventure in Costa Rica. As you fly over exotic trees and vivacious flora, you will have a life time experience with catching a glance of white-faced monkeys, exotic birds and other Costa Rican natural wildlife. Fly throughout the tropical forest balanced by a zip-line system of cables and platforms; it is very safe and they are using perfect equipment with the help of experience guides.

Scuba Diving

The Manuel Antonio coast with twelve islands provides us the many dive sites. The majority of dive sites are on a maximum of 20 minutes from the port. Most of Costa Rica dives are between 35 and 60 feet, though there are several other deeper sites for experienced divers. All dives are watches and guided by a PADI professional who has a vast knowledge and experience of the Costa Rica dive sites so that you can enjoy to see the most of the marine life and underwater arrangements. Dives typically last 45 minutes and you will see volcanic rock formations, with various hard and soft corals. The area have an abundant marine life with schools of Snapper and Jacks, plus White Tip Reef Sharks, Angel Fish, Moorish Idols, Parrot Fish, Puffer Fish, Octopus, Eels, Crustaceans, Sea Turtles and in season(Dec – May) the giant Manta Ray. During your Diving interval you can take pleasure of the stunning views of the Manuel Antonio National Park Coastline.


Brave enough to try Bungee Jumping?

The area that surrounds the Jaco Beach in Costa Rica is a paradise for adventure seekers. The increasing number of tourists every year has rejoiced with a wide range offer of different activities.

Feel how life flows through your body in an activity that generates more adrenaline than any other. The highest safety standards are measured, so feel safe.

Pacific Bungee provides visitors the chance to enjoy the first and unique Extreme Machine ever built in Latin America. You will have the enjoyment and the thrill of your life with the best safety and professional standards in the Costa Rica.

White Water Rafting

Have an experience of the unmatched beauty, lavish vegetation and great white water of the Naranjo, Pacuare, and Savegre Rivers. All three rivers are very safe for the beginner but still challenging enough for the skilled rafting enthusiast. The two rivers Naranjo & Savegre Rivers begin in the coastal mountains near Quepos. You will be amazed by the awesome ravine, waterfalls and rainforest during enjoying class 2, 3, 4 or 5 torents.

The Pacuare River begins in Siquirres and Turrialba area on the Caribbean mountain slopes of Costa Rica. You will have an experience of class 2, 3, 4 and 5 rapids while enjoying amazing views of giant waterfalls and valleys. The Pacuare River is placed one of the top ten river destinations in the world, by National Geographic. Have an exciting and memorable experience.

Manuel Antonio National Park

Manuel Antonio National Park is the most famous and well known National Park in Costa Rica and the most visited park by tourists every year.

This tropical dry forest is situated on a peninsula, encircled by sparkler Pacific water and white sand beaches. The major attractions of this park are that it has two white sand beaches, Espadilla Sur and Manuel Antonio. The visitors can find over 109 mammal species, three different species of monkeys, three-toed sloths, agouti, two-toed sloths and more than180 species of birds.

Make a visit with a professional, skilled and bilingual nature guide who will educate you about the fauna and the unique plant life of this gorgeous park in the widespread trail system which takes you through an assortment of ecosystems. Do not forget to bring your camera with you.

Arenal Volcano

This is one the most active volcanoes in the America. It is active twenty four hours. If you want to see an active volcano, this tour is a must for you. The volcano flies 1,635 meters high and is surrounded by thick rain forest and natural hot springs.

During your visit, you will enjoy beautiful views of the cloud forest, waterfalls, and rustic landscape and classic and ecolodges of Costa Rican towns.

At the base of the volcano you will discover several natural hot springs, the visitors can take advantage of the beautiful resort grounds and have one of the most amazing and relaxing experiences of your life with hot springs. The volcano positioned near the town of La Fortuna where you will get many restaurants, boutique stores and souvenir shops.

Crocodile Adventure

The crocodile tour is a special voyage located in the Central Pacific Region of Costa Rica. This tour will take you up and down the TA¡rcoles River on board; it is a very safe and reliable boat. The Rio Grande of TA¡rcoles is one of four rivers that finish at the Gulf of Nicoya on the Pacific Ocean. It offers visitors the chance to examine American crocodiles up to four meters in length. The travelers will also watch a variety of species ranging from terrestrial birds to iguanas and basiliscos. You must carry a camera with you.

ATV Tour

Experience an adrenaline siphoning, thrilling and challenging outdoor voyage into the rainforest, where can observe spectacular views of some of Costa Rica’s most popular beaches and surrounding areas. Weaving in and out of tropical forest trails, you will finally move down into the world famous surfing beaches of Playa Hermosa before returning to Jaco.

Visit to Carara National Park

Carara Biological Reserve is a changeover forest between the Tropical Dry Forest region to the north, and the additional humid Pacific Rainforest to the south. Comparatively small, it is situated at only 4,700 hectares; the Carara National Park is one of the few remaining breeding grounds for the majestic scarlet macaw which can easily be seen in the early morning and late afternoon hours.

This is a pre-colonial Archaeological site with rivers, lakes and waterfalls. You will discover monkeys, collared aracaris, coatis’ raccoons, and various different species of birds.

Tropical Forest Aerial Tram

The Aerial Tram provides a distinctive experience while flying high on top of the treetops. Find out the veiled secrets and hanging gardens of the transitional tropical forest. This eco-tourism tour provides you the opportunity to realize the nature in a truly exclusive way. Have an unforgettable knowledge that will give you a better understanding of the complication of biodiversity and how important Costa Rican forests are for future generation’s survival. During your visit aboard the tram, you will see thick tropical rainforest, a 40-foot waterfall, and enormous rainforest trees, a number of species of birds and panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean.

Getting to Playa Bejuco, Costa Rica The roads in and to Bejuco are generally in pretty bad condition, like much of Costa Rica, but for many tourists, this adds to the adventure. A little north of Bejuco is an airport between the towns of Corozalito and Islita, which can make travel to the area easier. The airport is in Punta Islita and flights can be booked here by Nature Air. Playa Bejuco is on a 2-hour drive from the airport in San Jose on the coastal highway between Jaco and Quepos/Manuel Antonio. You can follow the signs along the highway to Jaco when you reach to Jaco; further south is Playa Esterillos, Playa Bejuco, and Playa Palma.

From Jaco: Drive south approximately 30 kilometers. After you pass Esterillos, Monterey and Del Pacifico, you will see signs on your right for the entrance to Playa Bejuco.

From Quepos/Manuel Antonio: Drive north approximately 30 kilometers. After you pass the town of Parrita, the entrance to Playa Bejuco is approximately 13 kilometers on your left.

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