Pavones Costa Rica

Pavones Costa Rica

South Pacific, Costa Rica

Province: South Puntarenas


Pavones is a small remote fishing village of Costa Rica located along Southern Pacific Coast. It is one of the most famous surf breaks of the Costa Rica. It is the perfect destination for the people who want to catch some of the best long waves; it can connect for 2-3 minutes rides. The waves have a number of sections which allow carving, pumping and artifice for the persons sipping on their Imperials at the Cantina at the end of the break. The waves here at the peak during rainy season, which lasts April to October. Miles of deserted beaches backed by virgin rain forest make Pavones an attractive destination for surfer and non surfers alike. This small town is located about 1 ½ hour drive from Golfito. The little town survives almost entirely for surf tourists. The swells here are ideal for serious surfer. The south swells approaching to Pavones turn into perfect lefts that get hollow and allowing surfers on a fine day to ride the waves. The wave rides are so long that you plainly have to get out of the water and walk back to the line up. However, many things must be considered before traveling to Pavones. As it is located on the interior of Golfo Dulce, it can blocked from many swells and can go for weeks with no surf, once the swell hits, it is common to see a large crowed of foreigners as well as locals.



There are very few hotels in the area and almost no services. This area is extremely remote and all power supply here is provided by solar energy. There are really no restaurants, bars, no big shops therefore; all hotels include all meals in their stay.

Cabinas Hotel Mira Olas

Private Cabins above the Pavones surf break at the edge of the jungle.

Mira Olas provide comfortable cabins with private bath and few are with kitchen is located in a tropical orchard. It is only five to ten minutes walk to the surf, stores and restaurants. You can have the panoramic views of the surf break from your cabin. A large variety of birds, among them toucans and scarlet macaws, as well as three species of monkeys are regularly seen on Mira Olas 11 acres. A short trail takes you down into the narrow valley of the Rio Claro. The crystal clear river forms large, deep pools inviting you to dive in – a great way to cool off during the hottest part of the day. Watch the agile squirrel monkeys cross the river in the canopy above or you can float down river, out of the canyon to the surf break.

Cabinas La Ponderosa

La Ponderosa offers 5 cabins with view of the ocean, private bathrooms with hot water, ceiling fans, accommodating up to 4 people. 3 of those cabins have a/c. You will find a separate dining area and recreation area as well. It was opened in 1994. It has 14 acres of lush jungle, botanical gardens, fruit trees, and trails leading to a beautiful waterfall. Located in Pavones, the cabinas are across from the OSA Peninsula, in the Golfo Dulce.

Casa Siempre Domingo

It is located up in the mountain; this hotel offers 4 large rooms with private bath. Each room offers double beds or 2 double beds and one single bed. A unique, private Bed & Breakfast are offering pure relaxation and privacy with tropical forests, ocean vistas and sandy beaches. Casa Siempre Domingo offers modern accommodations, personalized service and genuine hospitality.

There is no place to eat; all hotels do include all meals.

Activities in Pavones

There is lot more to do than surfing in Pavones; sport fishing is becoming very popular here as well as outdoor adventure activities like Canopy Tours, horseback riding and Kite Surfing. This place is also ideal for sun bathing or a nice long stroll to get pleasure from the surrounding natural beauty. North of Pavones though, there are some really beautiful remote beaches and reefs, which are perfect to spend a day away from the crowds. While hanging out in the local beachfront cantina is the best way to keep abreast of what’s going on in town.

Surf Break.

This area is very remote and if you can catch it on a good day, the logistical nightmares surrounding your arrival will be well worth it.



The famous Pavones... point break left, with great distance in rides – almost .75 miles. Sure, that is the miles. Clearly, it is one of the longer breaks in the world. This break is unpredictable but when it is good, it is truly good.

Punta Banco

A reef break with rights and lefts located just south of Pavones. Good place to check out if Pavones is too crowded. Best conditions at mid to high tide with a swell from the south, or west.

Punta Burica – Accessible only by boat (South)

You have reached to the end of the world. Very remote & great reef breaks located on the very tip of Costa Rica on the border of Panama. Best conditions with a swell from the south or SSW.

Getting to Pavones

Once you are in Golfito, you can find many options to get Pavones. The Taxi’s cost around $60-70. Private car rental is also available. It will take about 1 ½ hours. If you are coming from San Jose, you must consider arriving Golfito.

More info about Pavones

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