Ojochal Beach

Ojochal Beach

South Pacific, Costa Rica

Province: South Puntarenas


The village of Ojochal is located on the southern Pacific coast in the province of Puntarenas of Costa Rica. Ojochal is approximately thirty minutes south city of Dominical and around thirty minutes north of Palmar Norte. Many members of this multicultural community originate from Germany, France, America, Italy and Canada. This village is a home of strong and welcoming community of expects. Ojochal is a great place for people who are looking to relax on beach.

The Ojochal town and its neighboring beaches offer privacy and the perfect surroundings for rest and relaxation. Verdant tropical jungles liquefy into the white sandy coast of the Pacific. Due to their location, these sandy beaches are less visited and developed compare to the other more popular beach destinations.

The visitors Ojochal can enjoy in participating by taking part in several activities, they can take ATV tour, which will give opportunities to go on an adventure drive through rocky terrain. The visitors can enjoy on a canopy tour, where they will see the wildlife of the rainforest, Nature lovers may go to birds watching tour, and this local region is the home of more than 450 species of birds. You can explore the mangroves areas which are a unique ecosystem that lies at the border between the forest and the sea.

The cultural assortment is as varied as the country of Costa Rica. Ojochal is centrally located to several beautiful beaches and surrounded by magnificent mountains. The village itself captures the natural beauty and mystery of Costa Rica. Travelers can also use Ojochal as a base for travel around some of the many national parks and reserves spreaded throughout the area. The

Corcovado National Park will provide the visitors amazingly varied varieties of plants and animals. The Ballena National park is famous for its striking coral reefs and many dolphins and whales that swim in the water off the shore.

The area is decorated by beautiful scenes of sunsets and blue seas which are best for swimming than the surfing. The area is also best for birds watching as numerous of different species are found in the area.

The majority of Ojochal residents would agree that the town does not suffer without such amenities as they are easily accessible nearby. Properties in this area are flourishing and have a water and electricity supply as well as internet access and good cell phone coverage.

The Escuela Verde Costa Ballena is an international school located in Uvita. Many children from expatriate families in the area attend this school which offers a bilingual comprehensive syllabus.

The vast majority of local businesses in Ojochal cater for tourists. The mountainous landscape of Ojochal has meant that although there is a centre but it is relatively small in comparison to neighboring towns. Hotels and diverse tourist activities have been set up on the surrounding foothills to take full benefit of the stunning scenery.

The advantages of living in Ojochal are to get benefits from all sorts of outdoor activities available in the area and surrounding. ATV tours, swimming, bird-watching, canopy tours, hiking, horseback riding, mountain biking, boat tours, scuba diving and snorkeling, kayaking and sports fishing to name but a few.

This area is mainly known for offering a good selection of quality restaurants serving international cuisine. Many tourists come to this area just to test the town’s culinary delights and quality imported wines. Exotica, El Jardín, Lily Pad restaurant and Gringo Mikes are just a few.

It is advisable to carry out some market research before you make any deal for a business venture. Make a survey and identify the area which really needs and consider setting up a business that provides for the expatriate community as well as tourists so you will not face difficulties during low season.

Like many towns and villages in the South Pacific, Ojochal is expanding but local residents are keen to keep this to a minimum. Ojochal has a real sense of community and this is what makes it so special. Families moving to this area can be sure they will be welcomed with open arms.


Hotels in Ojochal

There are ample of alternatives for accommodations in Ojochal, from luxury hotels to B&B’s and rental houses. The prices vary due to locations and facilities and seasonal requirements. Make sure to make an advance booking.

The Castle Hotel

The beautifully Spanish Colonial masterpiece is located in Ojochal, Costa Rica. It is perched 600 feet above the Pacific The villa has two bedrooms suits and three single suits, all with private balconies overlooking the Ocean, king size beds and private shower and baths. It can accommodate 10-14 people. The entire property has 8 bedrooms and can accommodate private parties of up to 16 guests. This is a rare opportunity to rent this exotic villa which offers all the comforts of a Castle with more outdoor adventures than any vacation location in the world. Where else the guests can look Crocodiles & Scarlet Macaws from their balcony, fly through the jungle canopy on a zip line, relax with a glass of wine in a crystal clear waterfall, mountain bike or ATV through primary forest, or ride horse back under howling troops of monkeys, at El Castillo Hotel Villa Rentals.

Terraba River Inn

It is newly renovated hotel of Ojochal. This hotel is located on the Terraba River. All rooms are comfortable, clean and have queen size beds. The hotel staff is ready to provide all necessary help to all your needs during the stay, the breakfast is included in the price, tours are also available.

Hotel Diquis Del Sur

Hotel Diquis Del Sur is an attractive resort placed in Ojochal. The resort has a incredible view of ocean. The visitors can enjoy with beautiful views of surrounding mountains range and a unique view of sunset. Diquis has several villas with a nice swimming pool and a grand rancho to dine in and entertainment. The resort has manicured natural landscaping with fruit trees and exotic flowers. The staff is very friendly.

Things to do in Ojochal Activities at the nearby area

There are several activities in Ojochal and around the area.

ATV Tours: You can take an ATV Tour and make an enjoyment with several activities.

Beaches: Spend you day on a beautiful white sand beach by swimming, Sun bathing and viewing the sunset

Bird Watching: More than 450 Species of birds are available in the area.

Canopy Tours: The visitors can take canopy tours.


Restaurants: Enjoy with local cuisines and international menus are also available.

Hiking: Hike through lush green rainforest.

Horseback riding: Go to Nauyaca Waterfall.

Mountain Tour, Mountain Biking.

National Parks: Take a day tour for different National Park and enjoy with incredible amount of biodiversity.

Photography: A great opportunity to take beautiful photos in the natural environments.

Relax and take rest in nature. Have a rest in natural atmosphere.

Scuba Diving and Snorkeling, Kayaking, Sport Fishing, Whale Watching, Ultra light rides

You can find abundance of activities in the area, which will never finish.

How to get Ojochal

There are several options to move to Ojochal.

By Air

There are two air lines that fly from San Jose to Palmar Sur, It is recommended to make a reservation in advance.

By Bus:

There are several bus lines that leave from San Jose to the Pacific Coast. Many websites has schedule for of the routes. It is recommended that you must check time before departing for your destination as schedules may change.

Private Shuttles


There are also few private shuttles the run to each parts of Costa Rica. They can be checked and found through many websites.


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