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Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica

Puntarenas Province

Montezuma is a town located near the southern tip of Nicoya Peninsula in Puntarenas Province, Costa Rica. It is placed 41 km southwest of Paquera and 8 km south of the town of Cobano. Most of the services are in Cobano. Montezuma is a pictorial village nestles into a spectacular landscape of verdant forest and a rich backdrop to miles of beautiful coastline. The area started as a small fishing village and attracted tourists in the 1980s because of it natural beauty, waterfalls, assortment of activities, and chance to relax. This town is also recognized for its yoga community as well as its innovative and healing arts.

The Montezuma vicinity has been inhibited for around 10,000 years, but the farmers and the ranchers first came in large numbers a few decades ago. Many new people from other places of the world have settled here over the past twenty five years, helping to form a flourishing local culture, unlike anywhere in Costa Rica. This is a real melting pot culture, with no single community is dominating; the population here is mix of Italians, Americans, Germans, Argentinean and Canadians and from other countries also. Several people have opened hotels, restaurants, gift shops, yoga centers, and much other business, catering for both the locals and tourists. The locals and new settlers are making of new blend of life with the local customs creates in the Montezuma a rich, unique culture.

The Montezuma and the southern Nicoya Peninsula has the most beautiful beaches in Costa Rica. There is an incredible variety and something for everybody, from virgin white sand beaches a mile long, to small Mediterranean style beaches with unbelievable Snorkeling. The Grand beach provides relaxation with beautiful surroundings. Surfing is generally good, but the rip tide currents can be strong, so you have to take care and be cautious. The beach water is always warm and a fish can be caught, Beachcombers sometime find unusual materials such as agates, shark teethes, and their fossils. You can make horseback riding at the beach and also to see the sunset. There is an attractive 80 feet waterfall with superb swimming holes. Numerous places with warm natural springs are available nearby.

Montezuma is situated in the middle of striking and diverse landscape, it posses an exclusive open-air comfort and culture. Costa Ricans understands the significance of living a relaxed lifestyle and getting time to relax and read. The jingle of birds and the sound monkey’s sound of insect, water sound waves, waterfalls and all other natural sound wherever you are will take you back to the nature.

Living in a world encircled by natural world is an incredible experience, and after spending some time here, you will remember these days in your whole life. This part of Costa Rica have over 300 birds species and over a dozen of mammals, including two kinds of monkeys, five types of wild felines, anteaters, porcupines and several water species such as dolphins, whale sharks, whale and sea turtles. You can find three types of land turtles that live in the jungles; however, very few people have seen it. Real vanilla, the world’s most expensive food and the only edible orchid, grow up wild here.

The nightlife in the small town is exceptional; people are throng to small bars and clubs to dance. Montezuma’s restaurants host excellent cuisine.

A combination of Costa Rican cooking and international cuisine are offered in many restaurants. Foods like ceviche, which is made from fresh fish prepared without heat using only lemon juice and herbs, are served in conventional Costa Rican restaurants called “sodas”. Costa Rica is also known for its “casados”, the rice and bean mixture which can come with chicken, meat, or fresh fish, plus salad, and grilled plantains. Other restaurants comprise several authentic Italian brick-oven pizzerias, the Argentina grills, and Mediterranean food such as fish tacos and Portobello mushroom sandwiches. Both the Montezuma and the MalPais side have vegetarian restaurants they serve fresh and newly made foods with organic ingredients. With the fresh food, some restaurants present live music and art parties which give entertainment for the guests.

Montezuma offers several economical accommodations to suit for all the budget, the district also features fashionable and expensive resorts, catering to lavishness and comfort travelers. All the visitors and vacationers will enjoy Montezuma’s cherished and romantic surroundings.

The real estate market of Montezuma has been very active during the last years and the local community has become an attractive melting-pot of cultures from all over the globe that share zeal for nature and good simple living.

Montezuma Hotels

Anamaya Resort

Anamaya Resort is an unusual boutique hotel placed on a cliff edge overlooking the incredible ocean views. The resort is few steps away from classic waterfalls, encircled by the rain forests and the world’s most beautiful tropical beach towns. Anamaya means “good health” in Sanskrit. The hotel provide organic food, yoga classes and retreats, varieties of health and spa services and a workshop and lessons in respect to the Body, Mind and spirit.

It also offers exclusive fire dancing and circus entertainment experience. They have rooms and cabinas, which are elegantly designed with each detail focusing on protecting the environment, the room have the oceanic views and they are building with non toxic building materials. You can enjoy in the salt water pool also.

El Sano Banano Hotel

The Sano Banano village hotel is situated in Montezuma. It is a fun place to hang out. One can eat shop and surf the net. They offer a large selection of fresh food in their restaurant. The hotel offers a best comfort in Montezuma town.

Montezuma Beach Houses

The three stars Montezuma Beach House is set along the coast of Montezuma, It is beautifully designed and have all type of amenities. It is built at the ideal location within yards of the pacific coast and a few minutes walk from the town. Their several layouts are perfect for families or groups. They have also a large two level swimming pool.


Montezuma Tours and Activities

Things to in Montezuma

The most popular activities in Montezuma


Sport fishing

Scuba Divin –

Horseback Riding



Nightlife/Bars & restaurant

Taxi Boat from Montezuma to Jaco Enjoy the sights of Golf of Nicoya during the 4 hour trip which connects the central pacific coast to the energetic Nicoya peninsula.

Getting to Montezuma


From San Jose: It will take 4-7 hours, depending upon the availability of ferry

From Liberia Airport: This will take about Four and half hour, drive south towards Jicaral, then to Naranjo and Paquera. From Paquera, follow the directions as if you just landed from the ferry.

By Airplane: You fly here from San Jose airport to Tambor Airport. There is no public flight from Liberia to Tambor.

By Bus: Take a transport bus/shuttle from San Jose to Montezuma. This is the cheapest and very common way to get here.

By Boat Taxi: You can also hire a boat taxi from Jaco. It will take from you $50 and you can reach In Montezuma in an hour passing through Gulf of Nicoya.

Driving Distances

Arenal 182km Liberia 214km Manuel Antonio Manuel 182km Monteverde 112km San Jose International Airport 132km Mal Pais – Santa Teresa 19km Jaco 126k

Nearby Attractions


Curu National Wildlife Refuge 26km Cabo Blanco Absolute Reserve 11km Montezuma Waterfalls 1km


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