Manzanillo Beach Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica

Manzanillo Beach is located inside the wonderful Gandoca-Manzanillo Wildlife and Marine Refuge. The Manzanillo is very small village and it is situated south of Puerto Viejo de Talamanca, it borders the Gandoca-Manzanillo reserve. It is the last town due south of the surfing paradise of Puerto Viejo. Lying on Costa Rica’s gorgeous Caribbean coast, Manzanillo is situated south of Puerto Limon in Limon province. A four hour drive from the main city of San Jose, Manzanillo is in the south of the well-known Cahuita National Park. It is one of the most scenic beaches in Costa Rica, with incredible weather throughout the year. The major attraction of this petite village is its wonderful white sand beach narrow piece that is lined with palm trees, and is bathed in the quiet and mild waters of the Caribbean Sea. Travelers that are looking forward to Caribbean nightlife must choose Puerto Viejo de Talamanca as their destination. There they will find many live music and parties.

The Manzanillo Beach is made of bright sand and often one can be almost totally alone here. It is likely that the village got is name from the tree same name that grows in the sand on the beach. The tree can also be seen in other parts of Costa Rica, Manuel Antonio for example. The yellow fruits of the tree are poisonous.

This beach is named after an ancient Manzanillo tree that stood in the town’s center from the year 1940; it has some colorful local markets and abundance of sodas or restaurants that serve the best seafood in the entire Costa Rica. They provide a wide variety of fish, shrimps crabs, and lobsters found here, this town is well known for its excellent food. There are several beautiful hotels and accommodations in Manzanillo.

This is a tropical paradise with an amazing coral reef offshore. This is a prefect place for snorkeling and swimming, this beach also has some great scuba diving spots as well. If you like, you can take a dolphin tour of the coast, and catch a glimpse of the three species of dolphins that live in the waters around Manzanillo.

A major fishing location, Manzanillo also has some lovely nature tour prospects outside of town as well. If you like to hike, you can go up to Monkey Point or Punta Mona and watch some of Costa Rica’s local monkey species in their natural surroundings. It is also believed that Christopher Columbus named this area himself after seeing the many monkeys that exist here. Since Manzanillo is located at the end of the coastal road, after town, you will found just a few dirt road tracks that directs straight into the topical tropical forest available around this region.

Manzanillo is a comparatively quiet area with only a few tourists here and there, this fishing village has a unique atmosphere and culture that is all its own. Basically influenced by Afro-Caribbean traditions and customs, this town is a calm and tranquil place with friendly locals and a number of the delicious local cuisines.


Manzanillo Beach hotel

Manzanillo Beach hotel is located just steps from Manzanillo Beach and only 10 kilometer from Puerto Viejo de Limon. The Manzanillo Beach Hotel is a perfect choice for your visit to the southernmost tip of Costa Rica’s Caribbean Sea. If you are looking for wildlife, jungle or rain forest adventure, or just want to relax under the coconut tree.

This hotel provides travelers a enjoyable, comfortable stay. They also arrange fishing trips, diving expeditions, dolphin tours, horseback riding, and waterfall tours, hiking in the National Park and much more. The rooms are with bathrooms and optional A/C, and your choice of ocean, garden or jungle view. Several rooms are available with a balcony. Breakfast is included and they have a full bar, restaurant and lounge area where guests can relax. This will be a fine choice to stay during your vacations.

Almonds and Corals Lodge

Almonds and Corals Lodge is situated in the middle of the Gandoca Manzanillo Wildlife Refuge is a pleasant peaceful place with the wonderful touch of Nature; and a unique idea for an accommodation.

Almonds and Corals Lodge provide you an unusual opportunity to get a feeling of the tropical forest, living in the wild forest while keeping a level of luxury.

Each room is made under giant trees in a forest so dense that the sunrays do not touch the ground. Each room is positioned over a platform lifted up on stilts and orchids hang from the branches and like in a fairy tale, as you walk through the charmed forest, by passages on stilts, and than suddenly you will be in front of the superb Caribbean with your feet on golden sand, coconuts and the bay of Manzanillo where you will be able to hear the rhythm of Calypso.

Villa Toucan

Villa Toucan is a private ocean view and rain forest villa on the edge of the virgin tropical forest where visitors are engrossed in a strong experience of wildlife and energy all with the comforts of tropical accommodations. The 2 bedroom house sleeps 4 people maximum, and is the only other house on a 9 acre private reserve – shared with the owners living there. You will not find any neighbors except plenty of wildlife.

Villa Toucan in situated within the Gandoca-Manzanillo Wildlife Refuge in Punta Uva on the Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica. This house is 1 km from the turquoise colored waters of the Caribbean Sea where visitors can enjoy beautiful virgin beaches, snorkeling over the coral reefs, kayaking, wildlife, hikes, horseback riding and just plainly relaxing.

Villa Toucan is designed as a vacation house for families and honeymooners; the villa comes fully equipped and can comfortably sleep up to 4 people. There are 2 bedrooms, each with its own private balcony, outdoor bathroom and private garden, a full kitchen, dining area, a wildlife terrace and our new Hammock hut. Guests rent the entire house – whether you are one or four people.

Activities / Thing to do In and around Manzanillo

This Caribbean beach possesses pale sands wrinkled with splendid palm trees. Incredible weather conditions with mild waters make for a great surfing and scuba diving destination. In and around Manzanillo the wildlife on the land and underwater will fascinate you, from monkeys to three special dolphin species. Breathtaking coral reefs and charming tropical jungles motivate such activities as snorkeling, swimming, fishing and hiking. The beach breaks are speedy and the waters are alive with colorful creatures. The visitors can enjoy tasty meals, good company and a relaxed atmosphere. There are several activities in and around the area such as Experience the Rainforest in Luxury, Kayaking and snorkeling at Manzanillo or Punta Uva, Crazy Monkey Canopy Ride, Biking tour through a Caribbean Village, Natural Park, private trail through the rainforest, Cachabri Indian Village, Cachabri Indian Village, Cahuita National Park around 25 kilometer away and more


Visitors can enjoy beautiful beaches of Manzanillo, where snorkeling, surfing and just pure relaxing are a true pleasure.


The area provides several opportunities for great canopy tours allowing visitors to a thrilling experience flying through the rainforest canopy.


Visitors can enjoy guided tours on the beaches and throughout the forest.


Several the worlds’ most beautiful rivers are found on the Caribbean Coast offering Class II-V fast-moving water.


It is not Charlie’s Chocolate Factory, but this tour will reveal the art of chocolate making as a small number of people have ever seen it, and see ecolodges of Costa Rica.

Getting to Manzanillo Beach

Manzanillo Beach is located in the province of Limon, Costa Rica.

Driving times and distances

Distance from San Jose to Manzanillo Beach: 224 kilometers and take around 5 hours to reach here.

Distance from Liberia to Manzanillo Beach: 435.4 kilometers respectively 270 and take around 9 hours to reach Manzanillo Beach.


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