Cahuita Beach, Caribbean, Costa Rica

Cahuita is a small city and it is located along with Costa Rica‘s incredibly beautiful and exotic Coast of Caribbean. It is situated in the Talamanca Canton of Limon Province. The village of Cahuita Beach is well known because of the national park with the similar name. Cahuita is just south of the Cahuita National Park. The most visited national parks in Costa Rica. Cahuita is a relaxing heaven around 43 km south of Puerto Limon. A startling black sand beach town with quiet water is perfect for swimming and snorkeling. The town is home of approximately 4000 or little more residence, mainly of Jamaican descent. The village is famous for surfing. It offers visitors beautiful palm studded beaches and marvelous snorkeling, swimming, and surfing exactly in front of the town center, The small village has mostly of bungalow hotels, restaurants, bars, and surf shops. Tourists, who visit Cahuita, usually come to visit Cahuita National Park, which is famous for surf and night life.

The biggest Costa Rican coral reef is situated in the Cahuita National Park. A small carnival is celebrated in July and in the start of December at the Cahuita Beach.

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